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Violent Vaginal Discharge - DJ RedSkeye - Reverebeid (File)

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  1. It's important to recognize the signs of abnormal vaginal discharge because it could be a sign of infection or other health condition. If you experience a vaginal discharge that suddenly and randomly increases, this may be a sign of a problem. Another change that may indicate a problem is a discharge that is bright yellow or greenish in color.
  2. Jul 07,  · Vaginal discharge varies in amount, consistency, colour and smell among women. A sudden change in the type of discharge signifies a problem.
  3. Aug 15,  · An IUD might have the power to make your period disappear, but the same can’t always be said about your vaginal discharge. Although it may require more frequent trips .
  4. Yajuan Wang OMD, LAc, in Micro-Acupuncture in Practice, ABNORMAL VAGINAL DISCHARGE—DAI XIA. Abnormal vaginal discharge, known in Chinese medicine as “Dai Xia,” refers to an excessive amount of vaginal discharge with an abnormal color, quality, and odor accompanied by soreness of the low back, weakness of the legs, and a bearing down and distended feeling in the .
  5. Feb 03,  · DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Seek care immediately if: You have bleeding from your vagina that does not stop. You have a mass coming out of your vagina that you cannot push back in. You are unable to urinate or have a bowel movement. You have severe abdominal pain. Call your doctor or gynecologist if: You are leaking urine or bowel movement. You.
  6. Jul 02,  · Vaginal yeast infection, caused by a fungus. Normal bacteria that live in the vagina overgrow and cause a gray discharge and fishy odor. This is called bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is not spread through sexual contact. Other causes of vaginal discharge and itching may be: Menopause and low estrogen levels.
  7. May 28,  · any change in the vagina's balance of normal bacteria can affect the smell, color, or discharge texture. these are a few of the things that can upset .
  8. A yellowish-green vaginal discharge associated with subtle odor, itching and burning on the outside. The tissues feel swollen; like it’s inflamed especially with intercourse. It’s wet, sticky, and slimy. Then it dries like a crust on pubic hair and the underwear. Clear vaginal discharge persists after a .
  9. Vaginal discharge is normal – most women and girls get it. It's a fluid or mucus that keeps the vagina clean and moist, and protects it from infection. Check if your vaginal discharge is normal. Vaginal discharge usually isn't anything to worry about if it: doesn't have a strong or unpleasant smell; is clear or white; is thick and sticky.

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