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Knockabout - Senile Bisons - Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken (Cassette)

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  1. Armando DFWZH > Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken Armando enDuration > MCMXC Armando KRYNGE > The History of Filthy Dirt Armando Merzan Cuatro > Zanmerz Luis Mesa Knows armando Themes for Complications 3 > Armando Zanoisect 6 > A Room Full of Broken Toys a.k.a. Mad Scientist Loop Machine Armando Zanoisect > Smoldering Embers Ignite.
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  4. Jan 11,  · Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken is a true departure for both of us. The first side from is electro-acoustic delights and the second side is hard driving electro-angst compositions from People in the know say that this is unlike any tape they have heard of mine. This 60 minute release comes with an especially nice cover graphic from DFW.
  5. This animal's true name is the American bison, but most people call them buffalo. Bison are the largest terrestrial animal in North America. They can stand up to six feet ( meters) tall. A male can weigh upwards of a ton ( kilograms), and a female can weigh about pounds ( kilograms.
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  7. Oct 13,  · Bison Bison. We're the guys who hate the grimace #NothingCanKillTheGrimace. Jun 2, , PM. Latest News. Media. Twitter Feed. SoundCloud Apple Music Spotify Facebook YouTube Twitter © CACTUS KITTY RECORDS • POWERED BY SQUARESPACE.

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