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I Want Out - Various - Why Does It Have To Sound Like Shit? (Cassette)

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  1. That's weird! It sounds like slack being taken up on the cranks, but the image doesn't match that. Try separating the components - take the wheel out, can you feel any notchiness on spinning the cassette? Diagnostic Ideas: Take the chain off, and feel it for stiff or grotty link. Then clean it and measure it for wear.
  2. Mar 06,  · My car has only a tape player and I have no real desire to change out the headunit as I just want to use my Archos Jukebox 20 in it. That part isn't HT. What is highly technical, is that I want to know whether those FM transmitters have a better sound quality over the tape adapters or not.
  3. Why does he continue to behave like he is put out and that you are the center of all his problems? It is a tough road to travel when you are living with a mean husband who just finds fault with the least little things you might do.
  4. 5. If the deck has adjustable bias, set it so the highs sound correct. This is easy on a three head machine (the sound quality should not change when you switch from input to tape), but on most decks you have to make a series of trial procicthedoubtbounpuworkjibturecipas.coinfo of the high end decks have built in tone generators that make this process easy. 6.
  5. Plug the player into the wall and insert a cassette. Press "play." Allow five minutes for the machine to warm up and then rewind or fast-forward to the middle of the tape. Listen closely to the sound quality while using a small screwdriver to adjust the capstan motor until you have achieved premium-quality sound.
  6. Music cassettes, like vinyl, are one of the formats in which music is released. All sorts of media can be found on a cassette from movie soundtracks to inspirational speeches. Cassettes are a well-known music format, and you can find an array of tapes to listen to that include many of your favorite artists from the past.
  7. Jan 25,  · Irish - like Hungarian but less pirate-like, still I don't understand a word. Slovenian - it sounds way too much like Italian. Croatian - very similar to Slovak, although I don't understand a shit. Serbian - it actually does sound a bit different than Croatian. Bosnian - it actually doesn't sound any different from Croatian.
  8. Apr 04,  · Majority of people do believe that cassette equals to very bad sound. And while that was true for cheap cassettes recorded & played on low quality boomboxes, with the right gear it can sound.

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